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Yuko Shimizu (清水裕子) – Illustrator (July 6, 1965, Tokio)

“I think in illustration, you have to start with a certain style, even if it’s not as concrete as it will be 10 years later on. There are a gazillion people who can draw and illustrate; you really have to stand out to get work. But then also, in your first jobs you are still learning, so if you draw every day for 12 years professionally you do get better. I think I did aspire to certain illustrators at the beginningA few years in I had to stop looking at other illustrators, because if you want to be like them at that point, the best you can be is second best.

I think it’s a common trend across designers, photographers and artists in general, that when you are young you want to be like a certain person, but then there is a shift to where take your own path, but they helped you get where you wanted to go.”

Yuko Shimizu

“My ultimate goal is to be respected by peers and people I respect. In order to achieve that I probably make less money than those people whose goal it is to purely make money because I do turn down jobs because my work isn’t suitable for everything. There are people who do work that is a lot more suitable for a lot more things. Mine is kind of specific.”

Yuko Shimizu

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