SEO Tips: Do you use Google Analytics?

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From NARAN-HO Design, specialists in web design in Marbella, we present this article, from our SEO Tips series, to refer to one of the most important tools you can use: Google Analytics.

We have already indicated to you something important in other articles of the SEO Tips series. In order your website works, it is not enough to have a good web design. Also, it is not enough to have your offer of unique services or products at competitive prices. And finally, it is not enough the quality of the information you provide.

If you are not able to analyze your results, you will be walking in the dark.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool used for web analytics. It delivers a large amount of information and statistical indicators from a website. By belonging to Google, it is easily integrated with other tools of the same company.

Google Analytics is a very useful tool with a lot of potential, which provides a lot of information. The reports, metrics and graphs of this tool, analyzed correctly, will help you to understand the behavior of the users who visit your website. It will also help you measure the results of your Content Marketing strategy. This is essential so that you can control and improve the performance of your online business. We have already mentioned it, beyond the content and web design, the performance of your site is very important.

With adequate knowledge of the tool and the information it provides, you will be able to know what is and is not working on your website. With Google Analytics you can correct errors and solve problems, as well as make the necessary decisions so that your online business works correctly.

Google Analytics gives you a large number of default reports. However, you also have the option of generating personalized reports, depending on your needs and the Digital Marketing strategy you have implemented.

Do you need to analyze your website?

Having a website without analytics is not recommended, since analyzing the performance of the site is a primary activity in Content Marketing and SEO activities.

Google Analytics is an excellent tool that is also free. It is a very powerful tool that you can use to get the most out of your website and your online business.

From NARAN-HO DESIGN, specialists in web design in Marbella, we highly recommend using analytical tools. This is very important for your Content Marketing strategy to work.

However, making the most of Google Analytics takes time, which is a scarce resource. For this we invite you to contact us. We will take care of the rest.

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