SEO + SEM Marbella

SEO SEM If you are not familiar with these terms, do not worry we will try to solve this mystery and bring light. These two terms are related to two strategies currently used in Online Marketing and how each of them can help your business to stand out in the market, local or international.


This term so common today, corresponds to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This strategy seeks to position and improve the results in a natural way (without payments) in the search engines.

The improvement in the results is obtained through several strategies, the most used being the Optimization of the website; It is the most technical part of all, since it seeks to comply with current protocols and standards, also organizes and structures the contents so that they are indexable to the search engines, complying with all the rules, variables and, of course, load times.

The second important strategy is the generation of relevant content for each specific public, this is called Content Marketing, which seeks to build trust and become a reference for the sector, among other objectives. Search engine positioning SEO is a long-term process and generates results that will remain in time.


This second term and strategy corresponds to the acronym Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Unlike SEO, this strategy seeks to influence search engines through the payment results (ads).

Within this strategy there are the so-called CPC campaigns – Cost per Click, CPM – Cost per mille, CPA – Cost per Action, etc. All these payment strategies are calculated based on the number of clicks and the cost of each or thousands. This strategy, unlike the previous one, has more immediate results. Always looking for an *ROI (Return on Investment) Positive.

*This concept is related to the acronym Return on Investment (ROI) and tells us in an objective way the result of investing a certain budget was our actions and marketing strategies.

SEO + SEM Complementary strategies.

When advising our clients what is the best strategy to position their web pages, we always reach the same conclusion and comment; These two strategies are complementary and interspersed, optimal results are obtained.

On the one hand while we work with our SEO campaign, we can promote immediately through an SEM campaign. The results of the second will yield data of utmost importance at the time of continuing to generate relevant content through the keywords that will enrich the results for the business and customers. If you are interested in knowing more details about how we can manage these campaigns, do not hesitate to contact NARAN-HO Design.

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