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SEO : Google Ads Campaign

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From NARAN-HO Design, as web design specialist in Marbella, we want to give you some SEO Tips to improve the performance of your website. This time we will talk about Google Ads campaigns, from a simple and practical point of view.

To explain a little about the design and strategies to follow, we have created an introduction to define common terms and to be more specific when making decisions.

Google offers different promotion platforms:

Search Network

Results promoted in Google’s search network, these appear next to the “Ads” tag.

Search results appear as links on search results pages and are not part of Google’s advertising programs.

Display Network

It is a set of more than two million websites, applications and videos where your Google ads, graphic ads, with images or animations can appear. Display Network websites reach more than 90% of Internet users worldwide.

Search Network vs. Display Network

The biggest difference between these two networks is: in the Search Network you can reach users when they are already looking for specific products or services, while in the Display Network you can capture their attention at an earlier stage of the purchase cycle.


Remarketing is a way to reach people who have already interacted with your website or mobile application. It allows you to strategically show them ads while browsing Google or its associated websites, and in this way, remind them to make a purchase or increase the visibility of your brand. Remarketing will allow you to reinforce campaigns and retain users.

If you have any questions, at NARAN-HO Design, we hope to help you and advise you. Regards.

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