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From NARAN-HO Design, specialists in web design in Marbella, we present an article from our SEO Tips series. This time we will talk about the Conversion Funnel.

The Conversion Funnel is a fundamental tool of Content Marketing and allows us to direct our marketing strategies towards our audience to attract and retain customers.


Although the conversion funnel is a very fashionable tool, its origins are nothing new. Conceptually, we can say that the conversion funnel originates from the traditional marketing sales funnel. The model was created by Elmo Lewis in 1898 and under the name of model AIDA: Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action.

Since 1898 stages and complements have been added and removed from the model. It was even considered obsolete by some marketers. However, its essence is the same: a graphic scheme that helps to understand the stages of the sale and the marketing efforts that must be made in each one of them.

Conversion Funnel

To be simple in the explanation, just imagine a funnel.

  • First of all, the whole audience comes to your website through the wide part, but not all of them will stay there.
  • Part of the audience will leave your website. The rest will advance through the funnel and will be transformed into your leads. This is the portion of your audience that has given you their data: subscribers, contacts, etc.
  • Finally, those who have bought something will come out of the funnel.

As you can see, the metaphor is perfect since as the funnel narrows, the audience is reduced until only the end customers remain.

We’ve already talked about Content Marketing. This acts in the wide part of the funnel. Its objective is not to achieve a sale, but to attract users, public or audience, who may or may not stay, transforming themselves into leads and potentially end customers. Content Marketing will take care of attracting many users, leading them through the funnel and trying to lead them to the exit.

The conversion funnel is one of the most powerful tools of inbound marketing and digital marketing. It’s especially useful if your web design is integrated with an e-commerce platform. The main task is that you can optimize your funnel, implementing the marketing strategies that improve your user conversion rate and finally, your sales.

3 tips to improve your conversion funnel

  • Make your site load fast. We have already mentioned that a website should load in 2 seconds. This way your audience is more likely to stay there.
  • Make your site simple. Simplicity is essential, so an easy-to-navigate site will allow your audience a friendlier tour of what they seek and need.
  • Analyze your metrics. Setting up and analyzing the statistics of your page is essential. Use Google Analytics to review the most important metrics, based on optimizing your funnel.

From NARAN-HO DESIGN, specialists in web design in Marbella, we call you to action in order to optimize the conversion funnel on your website. It is a time that use time, but it is time well spent. Contact us, we will prepare everything.

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