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Content marketing is a fundamental component in any communication strategy. In simple terms, it is to deliver valuable information to your audience, in order to attract your target audience and finally, that some of them manage to buy your products or services.

From NARAN-HO Design, specialists in Web Design in Marbella, we present this article in our SEO Tips series, seeking to help you optimize your content and ultimately improve the positioning of your projects.

What is content marketing?

Content Marketing acts on the wide part of the conversion funnel. Its objective is not to achieve a sale, but rather to attract users, the public or the audience, what may or may not stay, transforming into leads and potentially final customers. Content Marketing will take care of attracting many users, driving them through the funnel.

For example, in a restaurant business, you generally post news about dishes, recipes, and the menu, which is only advertising or promotion aimed at a large audience.

But you can go a little further and generate interactions through videos, contests, promotions, etc. and then ask users for their data to send them the complete information. When you receive the user data, you will have generated leads. At this point you can develop a more targeted marketing strategy, sending information directly to these leads so that they potentially become end customers.

10 Tips for your Content Marketing Strategy

We give you some tips to implement your content marketing strategy:

1. Define your target audience

First, you need to define your target audience. This is what is known in traditional marketing as market segmentation. Who is your audience? Where are they physically placed? What are their preferences? What is their age range? If you have not done this step, the rest will be like a castle built on sand.

2. Know how your target audience behaves

Once you have defined your target audience and before generating your content strategy, you must know how your audience behaves. What are you looking for? Where? What platforms do you use? What preferences do you have?

Why is this important? Because your strategy will be very different if your target audience is a Millennial that uses more Instagram or a Generation X that uses more Facebook. And it is not only about the platform, but also the type of message, the language, the graphic information that will go with the message. Finally, the quality of your content will depend on this.

3. Be flexible with your content plan

First of all, you should define the keywords that will appear in your content. Then, you should have a list of the topics you plan to communicate. As you do, the analysis of your website will be important, as there will be some topics that do not have much impact on your audience and others that will be very powerful. Do not be afraid to give more weight to the latter in your publications. After a while, evaluate the performance of your content and make the changes you deem appropriate.

4. Check the Google Trends tool

An important part of your content plan is that it works. Thus, the topics you post should have an impact on your audience. They must be interesting to retain your audience and accompany them through the funnel. There is a way to know the trends of the audience, in such a way to identify their interest in some topics. How? Using Google Trends. In this way, you can make your publications more flexible or prioritize according to the most sought topics globally or by country.

5. Publish on various platforms and formats

Don’t settle for posting only graphic or written content. Even if it works well, don’t be afraid to explore new platforms and new formats. Publish content in various formats such as video, podcast, infographics, phrases, threads, etc. If one of your publications has been very successful, do not hesitate to reuse it and… what better than in some new format or platform? You can even create a methodology and start the video, and then separate the audio and the texts, in order to optimize the work.

6. Analyze your results

When we referring to a content plan, we take it for granted that it has objectives, like any plan well done. To check if your publications have managed to meet that goal, you have to analyze your results. Most are limited to seeing the number of visits to each publication, but this is not enough. There are statistics that show you the performance of your content plan at the audience level. This is very important, regardless of whether you are the one who writes your content or you have hired a copywriter service.

7. Update your content

As you post new content, you tend to forget or neglect old posts. We propose it in two contexts:

  1. Sometimes you find new information that allows you to update some old content or simply write it again with another vision. This is very common if you dedicate yourself to topics like technology or computing.
  2. Sometimes you generate an important update on your site, such as a change of server or web design. At other times, by simple carelessness, you can erase data that causes internal images, formats or links to be lost. Other times, your site has external links that no longer exist.

8. Incorporate a Call to Action

A Call to Action is also known as CTA. What is it? It is to invite your audience to generate a specific action, such as: comment, follow us, like us, share, leave us your data, etc. Think of one or more CTAs within your content plan, in order to increase the chances that your audience will become leads. Don’t forget to incorporate these CTAs into your web design.

9. Use SEO

What is SEO? SEO means Search Engine Optimization, which is essential for search engine optimization. Optimize everything you can: content, keywords, links, images, etc. Your audience, which will generate leads and potential clients, will find you through search engines. Reread the tips we’ve given you so far and you’ll see that this point is perhaps the most important, to appear on the first pages of Google, which is the search engine by definition for most of the world.

10. Integrate the above elements into your Web Design

For the end we leave the most obvious. Integrate into your web design the elements of your content plan that you have defined so that your content marketing works.

We hope these tips will help you improve your content marketing strategy.

If you have any questions or need help with your marketing strategy or with your web design, contact us, and we will take care of everything. Contact us here:

NARAN-HO Design, web design specialists in Marbella.

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