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Sebastian Lester – Type Designer (1972, London)

From Naran-ho Design we want to highlight the work of Sebastian “Seb” Lester, one of the best typographic designers of the last decades.

His career has been a study in extremes. Born in London in 1972, Lester took a course at Bournville College in Birmingham. He had always envisioned a career in design, but it was during this time that he decided to focus on typographic design. His works include fonts such as Soho ™ type family or the logo design for the Barclays Bank credit card and the identity design of the Intel Corporation.

In this link you can find a typographic analysis carried out by Lester on some works for film promotion. And in this link you can access the official website of Sebastian Lester.

“From a professional perspective I really feel like I am getting a lot of people interested in calligraphy and lettering at the moment. It appears quite a lot of people are trying calligraphy either through seeing my work, or the work of people inspired by me. Being influential, as I am told I am, and shaping behaviour in such a positive way has got to be a good thing. I’d like to continue to try to evangelize about calligraphy. It has been a source of so much pleasure to me, I want to try to share that”

Sebastian Lester

“I try not to be a stylist. Bruce Lee believed in being ‘formless’ in his discipline and I aspire to be the same in mine. Ideally I want to try to constantly evolve and progress, with quality being the only theme running through my work. It’s easier said than done because clients tend to want to commission work that looks similar to something you’ve done before, which is often commissioned work based on other work you’ve done. But it’s achievable. No one would guess the project I’m currently working on, for example, had been done by me”

Sebastian Lester

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