New Web Design + Photography project, this time for Masala Estepona Indian Restaurant, specialized in indian cuisine.

We have designed this website interpreting our client’s ideas, with the objective of reflecting the spirit and heart of Masala Estepona.

“The word Masala is the generic term for spice. There are so many different spices for example – Chaar Masala, Garam Masala, Pav Bahjo Masala to name but a few.

Every individual dish we prepare at Masala Indian restaurant has a unique mixture of beautiful spices and the end result is a truly wonderful taste of Indian Cuisine.

You will find a great menu to taste the best of Indian cuisine, our modern place will bring you closer to a new world of flavors cooked and prepared by our specially selected chefs, who guarantee the highest level for you to enjoy the Masala Estepona experience a unique culinary journey.”

Masala Estepona Indian Restaurant

In addition, we have taken the corporate photographs and also the stationery material for being used in marketing and social networks.

As a result we have an elegant and highly functional website, where is presented all the variety of menu and services that Masala Estepona has for its clients.

From NARAN-HO Design we invite you to visit the Masala Estepona Indian Restaurant website and of course recommend this excellent restaurant.

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