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Marc Newson – Industrial Designer (October 20, 1963, Sydney)

Marc Newson is one of the most successful and influential designers of his generation. His work covers a wide range of disciplines, creating objects of different sizes for clients from all over the world: jewelery, clothing, furniture, objects for the home, interior accessories, bicycles, automobiles, yachts, planes, etc.

His fascination with crafts and drawing as well as with the latest technologies has placed him in a unique position in contemporary design and culture. Many of Marc Newson‘s works have been highly successful for his clients and have earned the status of modern design icons.

“People are either open to the experience or not interested. I grew up traveling, so I love it. There is so much to learn from the way people in different cultures solve problems. And it’s poignant for me because the more I observe, the more evidence I have that design is an international and borderless creative occupation. Unlike music or film, design is not geographically specific in any way, shape, or form. I could never conceive of designing something for one region and not another. So many idiosyncrasies are just based on isolation”

Marc Newson

“In the discussion of the world of luxury – such a horrible word, which doesn’t mean anything anymore – craftsmanship is one of the basic references that I have, throughout all the work that I do. Most of the things are transient, most of the things change, but I can always bring it back to being able to rely on some fundamental standard of craftsmanship. It is reassuring, on a number of level, not least historically. Craftsmanship is the justification of design as I see it”

Marc Newson

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