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Larrea Brothers – Graphic Designers

At Naran-ho Design we want to review the graphic work of the brothers Vicente and Antonio Larrea Mangiola, who are a benchmark for the Chilean and Latin American cartel.

Both Vicente Larrea Mangiola (May 14, 1942, Santiago) and Antonio Larrea Mangiola (July 25, 1948) studied at the School of Applied Arts in Santiago, Chile. Vicente began his graphic work from 1963, in the Department of Cultural Extension of the University of Chile, and installed his first office in 1967. In 1968 Antonio joined the office and worked there until 1977, to later become independent and dedicate himself to the design, photography and underwater explorations.

The work of The Larrea Brothers is closely associated with the New Chilean Song movement. The Larrea brothers’ office made multiple logos, nearly 120 albums cover and more than 300 posters. His work has been a benchmark for the Chilean graphic of the transition between the sixties and seventies. This was a period of searching for Latin American roots.

Vicente was the specialist in logos and fonts, while Antonio focused on photography and the management of the typeface, focused on high contrast and detail.

The Larrea Brothers’s work is characterized by the use of closed shapes, high contrast, flat inks, irregular contours and the manual tracing of types. These graphic elements, typical of engraving and murals, were transferred to other production systems such as screen printing and offset printing. This procedure is what characterizes its plastic seal.

Vicente Larrea has recognized as influences in his work the hippie graphics, the Cuban poster, the Polish poster and particularly, the works of the Lithuanian illustrator Ben Shahn and the North American designer Saul Bass.

“Today, the customer is a guy who wants to be involved in design. There are some customers who stubbornly insist on personal likes. If they listen, they realize that personal like is a failure and that we have to create pieces of mass communication. With many customers, we come to an agreement, there are many who really are so taxing, so obstinate, and so eager not to pay a single cent, that these relationships end badly. Others who are very honest people who are very transparent and do well”

Vicente Larrea

“With a camera that Vicente had in the workshop, I started taking photos and discovered the magic of photography. At that time, the images were more magical than now in the sense of discovering them. Children are now born with the image. So, they still don’t find magic because it is typical of what they see of the world. At that time, you had to discover it. The fact of stopping time, seeing it later revealed and discovering the revealed that motivated me a lot. So, I started applying within design, instead of studying, perhaps I did not develop illustration, but I did develop photography as a designer”

Antonio Larrea

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