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Jean-Paul Goude – Graphic artist (December 8, 1940, Saint-Mandé)

NARAN-HO Design, specialist in web design in and from Marbella, features Jean-Paul Goude, renowned French graphic artist, photographer, designer and illustrator, author of iconic images and campaigns.

He was born in Saint-Mandé, near Paris in 1940. His dream was to be a dancer, but he had to abandon it, entering the world of drawing and design. He started out doing covers for local magazines and in the 70’s he moved to New York to become the artistic director of Esquire magazine. In the Big Apple, Goude belonged to Andy Warhol’s circle, from where he began to set the aesthetic trends of the time.

Jean-Paul Goude praised the harmony of the female body regardless of the established canon. During the 70s and 80s, the mainstream of the female profile was women with large breasts and long hair; but Goude did not wish to promote that canon. To change it, he began to photograph beautiful black-skinned women, among them were his muses Grace Jones, Farida Khelfa, Radiah Frye or Naomi Campbell. Goude was instrumental in introducing the black body to the world of fashion and Western culture. Something similar he later did with the introduction of curves and voluptuous figures, which he has helped to canonize and give aesthetic sense, through the portrait of one of his last muses: Kim Kardashian.

His work reflects his own conceptual universe, which includes elements such as dance, the human body, the exotic, fairy tales, the mixing of cultures, especially the African one, and the intense use of color. His realizations, almost always with eccentric colors, have been commissioned by Perrier, Citroën and Luis Vuitton brands, among others. In addition to his photographic work, he has made videos, mainly for the MTV network.

He has collaborated for designer campaigns like Azzedine Alaia, Chanel, Kenzo. During 2017 and 2018 he was the creative director of the Desigual firm.

Jean-Paul Goude is still in force at 80 years of age. Since 2001, he has been the artistic director of the advertising campaigns of the Galeries Lafayette, an icon of Parisian luxury.

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Since I realized very early in life that, whether I liked it or not, I could only dance and draw, I decided to incorporate those two skills in all my projects, whether they are advertising, fashion photography, theatrical events, even museum exhibitions. To me, they’re all the same.

Jean-Paul Goude

Photomontage has always existed. It was more painstaking to do, but it always existed. Changing a little gesture in a photograph or changing the order of how people are standing. Avedon did that. He did a lot of doctoring of photographs, but he never told anybody. He didn’t have to. I tell everybody because I want to be noticed. I’m like a magician showing how I do the tricks.

Jean-Paul Goude

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