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Huan Hua-Cheng – Artist (1935, Nianjing – 1996, Taipei)

NARAN-HO Design, specialist in web design in and from Marbella, presents Huang Hua-Cheng, multifaceted Chinese artist, icon of Taiwan’s avant-garde art.

Huang was born in 1935 in Nanjing, China, and died in 1996 in Taipei, Taiwan. He studied Fine Arts at Taiwan Provincial Normal University, graduating in 1958. Due to his talents, he was soon recognized as an iconic figure within the modern art movement of the 1960s in Taiwan.

His work was very versatile and spanned many fields, such as advertising, design, literature, theater, film, painting, conceptual art, and performances.

Huang was a member of the Theater Quarterly, and furthermore, the only founding member of the École de Great Taipei, which propelled him to a leading position in the post-war avant-garde in Taiwan, due to his uncompromising concepts and attitude. Huang was far ahead of his time and therefore excelled in avant-garde art.

However, Huang‘s legacy is surrounded by an enigmatic aura, mainly due to the lack of formal research and the untimely death of the artist. He always kept a certain distance from the environment, acting as if he didn’t want other people to understand him.

Through his career, Huang‘s free and fearless spirit offered new ways of thinking and appreciating art, language, design, photography, and life.

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