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Beatriz Feitler

NARAN-HO Design, especialistas en diseño web en y desde Marbella, presenta Beatriz Feitler, diseñadora brasileña y directora de arte conocía por su innovador trabajo en las revistas y [...]

Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell (1894 – 1978) American illustrator, painter, photographer. Norman became famous above all for advertising posters (for Coca Cola, Mc Donald’s, cereals…) and covers of “The [...]

John Casado

John Casado: Everyone is capable of having good ideas, yet each person’s entry level is different, The need to be creative is not limited to designers, artists, or entrepreneurs.

René Gruau

René Gruau: In the work for advertising the artist's imagination knows no boundary; the more you move away from the expected and the traditional, the better it is.

Jean-Paul Goude

Jean-Paul Goude: I wanted to be an artist but my inspiration in life came from magazines, graphics, the theatre, the ballet, dance, the movies and not at all painting

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